Future of the Muirkirk Website

The domain name muirkirk.org.uk was first registered at the beginning of 2004. Since then the Muirkirk Website has been developed,through various versions, by Robert Dixon and has been for many years the primary web source for the village of Muirkirk.

In recent months the site has begun development into a resource through which it is hoped to present the current day Muirkirk, the activities which are scheduled in and around the village and the services which are available to the village (or, in recent times, under threat).

The time has come for development of the site and production of content to transfer from someone lives outwith the village to those who live and work in Muirkirk and who taking the village forward into the future.   As such, you should in coming weeks and months became aware of changes to the website, additional facilities, such as the ability to download Muirkirk News, and more interaction with other web resources, such as Facebook.

There may be a need for some downtime while the website transfers to new hosting but it is hoped this can be kept to a minimum.

Muirkirk Cancer Support Group

Muirkirk Cancer Support Group had its first meeting in June 2004 and was formed to help cancer patients and their main carer or supporter to meet with others in the same position.

The group can help put people in touch with other related groups such as Ayrshire Cancer Support, arrange for a couple of relaxing treatments such as reflexology, or just be there to listen.  They can also pass on tips that have been picked up over the years.

Twice a year the group holds a dinner for those who have been helped in the past, when folk can chat in a relaxed atmosphere. For the last few years this has been held at St Thomas’s Hall, Muirkirk.

For more information on Muirkirk Cancer Support Group contact Stephanie at 01290 661566

Muirkirk Library under threat

The following message was received by e-mail on 14 Oct 2016:-


My family and I have recently moved to Muirkirk.  A major factor in that decision was the presence of the Muirkirk Library. We have since found out it will be closing next year. (more…)

Vandals on the rampage ?

A spate of vandalism has been reported in the village in recent days. Eden Park Academy have had 2 windows smashed in recent days, the Toll house renovation has been hit with damage to some of their newly installed windows, a van windscreen was smashed and 2 cars were vandalised in Wellwood Street. (more…)