The following message was received by e-mail on 14 Oct 2016:-


My family and I have recently moved to Muirkirk.  A major factor in that decision was the presence of the Muirkirk Library. We have since found out it will be closing next year.

In my opinion, this will have quite a negative impact on the community. Children who regularly attend a library and read books are 18 months more advanced by the time they start school versus children who don’t.

I am writing to the local MP to raise my concerns. I would also like it if you could raise awareness of this to the community. If the community pulls together we can not only stop the closure but increase the usage of the library in the process.

Kind Regards

Darren McPhee
Toni-Marie McFadden

The following responses were received via Facebook:-

From Cllr Judith Linton

As a community Councillor, I am onto this, trouble is the Council only goes by footfall figures and don’t understand the fact that it is a Community Hub as well for Information, it is more than just Books, the whole community, all 1700 odd of us need to sign up as members to the Library and take Books out on a regular Basis, also another petition on the go with every household signing, then we may have a chance of saving it, I am trying to get the actual running costs out the Council, the costs are quite small, I have another idea which I am working on, which involves people power!

From Billy Ward

it also gives people access to the internet as regards applying for jobs,, has photocopying facilities,, also has a wee knitting class my daughter attends which is great…. when the consultation meeting took place as regards the new school, i asked as regards the libary , politics aside, this is the snp’s vision to put all amenties under 1 roof, so as regards the libary, the subject was kinda smudged over ,but 1 statement made from fiona lees to me ws. irt could be run if done “voluntary” ..

From Karen Hendry

My mum uses the library frequently as do a lot of older people and as billy says the knitting class etc. To me it’s sounds like they are trying to punt it over to the community run system which basically means they don’t fund it, the services rely on volunteers and fundraising Iv seen a few services being put over to this system and don’t agree with it as it’s a cost cutting measure and one that will cost job/s and potentially take away another service from the village. I can help with any petitions / protests etc and a gentle reminder that it’s the local council elections next year might help too!