Muirkirk Gala Day 2017 will take place at the end of June or sometime in July at Kames Motorsport Complex – the date has yet to be finalised.

Gala Court 2017

After the half term school holiday in February, letters will be sent out to all eligible children from Muirkirk Primary in regards to the Gala Court 2017.

The selection will be as follows:
  • Gala Queen – Girl, Primary 7
  • Herald – Boy, Primary 7
  • Ladies in Waiting – 2 girls, Primary 6
  • Page Boys – 2 boys, Primary 5
 If your child is in this age group and you do not wish for their names to be entered into the hat, please contact either Cheryl Shepherd or the school before the end of February. It is hoped to announce the Gala Court by the end of February. If your child lives in Muirkirk but does not attend Muirkirk Primary, again please contact Cheryl Shepherd or the school to ensure that their names are added for selection.
Keep your eye on the Muirkirk Gala Day Facebook Page for news updates