Welcome to Muirkirk

Muirkirk Community Council Election

Monday 2nd February 2015
@ 7pm
in the IFE Wing, Burns Avenue

Closing date for nomination papers
Monday 26th January 2015

If you reside within the Community Council area
and are interested in becoming a local Community Councillor,
nomination papers are available from
Muirkirk Library, 2 Burns Avenue, Muirkirk; 
or from
Stuart Nelson, Democratic Services Officer,
Council Headquarters (Tel No 01563 576151)
or by
downloading the Nomination Paper
from the East Ayrshire Council website .

To be able to stand for or vote in the Election,
members of the public will require to be
listed in the Electoral Register for the area of the Community Council.

At a previous meeting called with a view to electing
Community Councillors and held on 1st December 2014
there were only 5 nominees which was
insufficient to form a new Community Council.

Community Led
Action Plan for Muirkirk

On 22nd January a meeting will be held in the IFE Wing
to discuss the development of a
community led action plan for Muirkirk.

This is being organised by Lyn Johnstone
a Vibrant Communities worker with East Ayrshire Council

Find out more about East Ayrshire Vibrant Communities project here

Muirkirk Boys' Brigade Company

Muirkirk BB urgently needs more volunteers to help with the Company Section.

Please contact
Bobby Hill 07710 168 672
Leslie McLaren 01290 661493

New lower drink drive limit in Scotland from 5th December 2014
Scotland's drink drive limit was reduced
on the 5th December 2014 to
50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood
Scotland's drink drive limit 50mg per 100ml

Muirkirk Karate Classes

Fridays 5.30pm to 7.30pm

in the IFE Wing, Muirkirk

Superfast Broadband
Now available in Muirkirk

Superfast Broadband is now available in Muirkirk.

Internet providers are now offering Superfast Broadband to consumers in Muirkirk with speeds, depending on your package, of up to 80Mbps.

A check of one Muirkirk phone number in Smallburn shows a potential speed of up to 68Mbps.

You can check specific information about your broadband cabinet at http://dslchecker.bt.com/adsl/ADSLChecker.AddressOutput

Muirkirk Enterprise Group
Nearly New Shop

Garan House, Main Street

open on
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
10am to 3pm

New items coming in every day
Large selection of books
Clothes to fit all sizes
Something for everyone

a guid fun wey tae lairn oor language

Our Wullie helps you learn the Scots Language

Oor Wullie is helping children learn Scots through an online initiative developed by the National Library of Scotland.

The Oor Wullie's guide tae Scots language website aims to introduce six to 11-year-olds to the richness of the Scots tongue.

The site features activities such as quizzes, word searches, flash cards and the opportunity for children to design their own comic.

Other features include a glossary of words such as "fantoosh", "bampot" and "muckle" as well as poems and songs and an audio map which allows children to submit a recording of their own use of Scots to help build up a picture of dialects across Scotland (Who will be the first from Muirkirk to submit a recording?)

In the Glossary are some wirds tae help ye get stertit lairnin Scots. Ye can hear whit the wird soons like first in Scots an than in English. Ye can read whit the wird means an how it can be yaised in a sentence anaw.


Citizens Advice Bureau
Outreach Surgery

Thursdays 10am to 12.20pm
Muirkirk Community Museum



What's on in Muirkirk?

Tuesday 3rd January
@ 7.30pm
Muirkirk WRI
in the IFE Wing

Thursday 15th January
@ 6pm
Lapraik Festival

in the IFE Wing

20th January
Community News
publication day

Thursday 22nd January
Public Meeting
to discuss
Muirkirk Community
Action Plan

in the IFE Wing

2nd February @ 7pm
Community Council Election
in the IFE Wing

3rd February
Community News
publication day

17th February
Community News
publication day

29th & 30th May
Lapraik Festival

Fri 29th May
Crambo, Jingle & Sang
in IFE Wing

Sat 30th May
Children's Poetry Competition
in IFE Wing

Sat 30th May
World John Lapraik Competition
in the Caravan Park

Keep Scotland Tidy


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