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Thomas Bone - Glenbuck
World Quoiting Champion

The curtain has finally been rung down on the grim tragedy which was enacted on a Glenbuck byway in the spring of 1908, by the suicide of the culprit in Perth Prison on 13th November, 1912, Thomas Bone, Jr., was sentenced to death in the High Court held in Glasgow for the murder of his wife at Glenbuck, but a respite was granted on the eve of the day set aside for his execution. Bone was undergoing confinement during His Majesty's pleasure in Perth Penitentiary, and, it appears, had been giving considerable trouble to the wardens for some time, latterly being regarded as a dangerous lunatic. Although closely watched, he took advantage of the 15 minutes' absence of the warder, and committed suicide in his quarters by hanging himself with a bedsheet, which he tied tightly round his neck and attached to a peg in the wall. It is understood that the body was still warm when the warder returned, but life was extinct.