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Professor Sir Tom Symington
Director & Professor of Pathology, Member of the Medical Research Council,
Professor at the Institute of Cancer Research, Visiting Professor (mult.) et al

Tom Symington was born in Main Street, Muirkirk, above Bunkers' Shop.

After medical training, Tom became a General Practitioner in Uddingston, then a Consultant Pathologist before moving on to become a world figure in Cancer Research.

Sir Thomas Symington became a world authority on adrenal gland disease and spent a tough seven years as director of the Institute of Cancer Research in London.

Professor Tom Symington died in a nursing home in April 2007 at the age of 92 years.

Symington T. A Chance to Remember: My Life in Medicine.
Spennymoor: Memoir Club, 2003 [352 pp; ISBN 1-84104-058-4; £19.95].

"He has a pleasingly direct style and his narrative1 is well spiced with quotations from past conversations (whose authenticity I hesitate to question). At the end is a long `monograph' on the National Health Service—seemingly composed in 1990 or thereabouts. One of his messages is that every hospital needs a medical director. As a commercial publisher's editor I would have advised omission of these 70-plus pages. I was much more impressed by the way the life of this researcher was changed by the loss of a son from testicular cancer, with a switch of interest (under the influence of Cicely Saunders) to terminal care. In retirement he campaigned successfully, against medical opposition, for establishment of the Ayrshire Hospice."