muirkirk in the hills of ayrshire - from the muirkirk enterprise group


Engine 77015 at Muirkirk 1961

Engine 77015 at Muirkirk Railway Station 1961

Engine 77015 was built at the British Railways Swindon Works on 31st July 1954 and based at shed 67B Hurlford.

The engine was withdrawn from service on 31st July 1966, after just 12 years of service, and was disposed of by Campbells of Airdrie on 30th November 1966.

These engines were built to a design by Robert A. Riddles and 20 such engines were built in the number series 77000 to 77019, the first being introduced in 1954. The first engine of this class was withdrawn on 30th November 1965 and that last on 31st July 1967. None of the class have been preserved.

The locomotives weighed 57 tons 9cwt and the tender 42 tons 3 cwt. The tenders held 3,5000 gallons of water and 6 tons of coal. The driving wheel was 5 foot 3 inches in diameter.