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Muirkirk Railway Buildings

With a significant industrial infrastructure, the railways in Muirkirk had a range of buildings which formed part of the visual landscape for a number of decades, yet which have now almost all vanished from the 21st century landscape.

Signal Box No. 2

The picture below is of Muirkirk No. 2 signal box which was situated on the railway station. Can anyone name the people in the box in this 1951 photograph (see enlargement below)? Please send any information to

Muirkirk Signal Box No.2


Signalmen at Muirkirk 1951
Who's this looking out of the station signal box in 1951?
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Muirkirk Engine Shed

Muirkirk Engine Shed was a sub-shed of Hurlford Engine Shed 67B.
An engine shed was first open for use at Muirkirk on 9th August 1848, the sheds falling out of use on 5th October 1964
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Muirkirk Engine Sheds in 1951

At the east end of Muirkirk station on the south side of the line this depot was originally a 2 track straight dead-ended shed. Facilities included a turntable in the entrance roads of the shed.

The original shed was closed in 1879 and demolished with the enlargement of the station and access to the goods yard. It was replaced by a new and larger depot built adjacent to the south wall of the original shed, which was opened the same year.

This new building was a stone built 4 track straight dead-ended shed with a twin gable style slate roof. Facilities included a new 50ft turntable, a water tank and a coal stage sited to the south of the entrance to the shed. In 1955, the northern 2 track bays of the shed were demolished and the remaining gable was reroofed with corrugated iron sheet. The gable end was also clad with corrugated iron and a new wall, part brick and part corrugated sheet was built along the north side.

Following closure the shed remained in a semi-derelict state for several years until it was finally demolished in 1987.