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Ayrshire Miners' Rows

In the days of the private mine owner, family accomodation of varying quality was provided for their employees in what became known as Miners Rows.

A report on these rows was produced in 1913, which can be read on the Ayrshire History website at (note that this an Adobe Acrobat pdf file for which you will require the free reader software).

Mentions of Muirkirk in this report include:-

Ayrshire had 14,000 coal miners producing 4 million tons annually - for household use; for factories; for the blast furnaces of Glengarnock, Kilwinning, Stevenston, Waterside, Lugar and Muirkirk; for the locomotives of the Glasgow and South Western Railway; and for export to Ireland through Ardrossan, Troon, and Ayr.

Owned by Wm. Baird & Co. General Notes.
Muirkirk South is a considerable village on the south side of the River Ayr from Muirkirk proper. It is built in rows, having 237 dwellings, with a population of 1064, exclusive of official’ houses and of Linkieburn, most of which is tenanted by Spaniards, making it a little difficult to get exact figures. It belongs to Messrs. William Baird & Co., Ltd., and is tenanted chiefly by miners. In Linkieburn and Linkieburn Square there are a number of furnace workers, the Muirkirk furnaces being quite near.

The document available on the Ayrshire History website is a transcription of the original report and gives a good flavour of living conditions in Muirkirk, Glenbuck and other areas at that period of time

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