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Muirkirk Youth Fellowship from the 1960's

The 1960's were known as a period which, in many ways, began a time of change - sometimes for good and sometimes for bad.

During this period, at the time of the ministry of Rev. John Linkins, the life of Muirkirk Parish Church was active and vibrant.   A strong Youth Fellowship developed which has retained the bonds formed at that time and continue to work for God today.   Despite the passage of time and distances which now separate them, they maintain contact and meet from time to time.   It is hoped that this website will eventually contain a pictorial record of the YF from the 60's, but here are just a few photographs as a taster (clicking on each photograph will bring up a larger image):-

The Rev. John Linkins

a dab hand with the bar-b-q

Rev John Linkins
Christmas 1973 Christmas 1973
20 Years On
August 1989

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20 years on
21 Years On
4th August 1990

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21 years on
31 Years On
2nd September 2000

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Millennium Reunion

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