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David Gibson wrote = Seeking help on Gibson's (my mother's side) from Muirkirk.  They were either cattle dealers or farmers and I am trying to find out if there is a local map of farms for Muirkirk/Glenbuck that I could use in my research.  Names of farms could be:-  Habone - Cairney Cotton or Cleuhead.  Any help would be appreciated.   Any local guides available? Find David's entry on the guestbook at

Pat Gibson, from Québec City in Canada is seeking assistance in making contact with surviving Gibson relatives in Muirkirk. The Gibsons originaly came from Muirkirk. James Gibson, a shopkeeper left Muirkirk in 1837 with his wife Margaret a dress maker Pat tells us that in 2004 they attended the Gibson Reunion of Canada, which was a big success. All the Gibsons there had a big interest in the genealogy of their families. Pat can be contact by e-mail on