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Its interesting to read of an area, that my forefathers came from.

J B Dalzell or Dalzeil and Gavin Dalzell or Dalzeil

In fact in one of the books, mention is made of JB Dalzell.

He was the son of Gavin Dalzell, famous for his bicycle. Gavin, originally came from the Muirkirk area and lived at Spireslack, where his Father was a Farmer.

JB Dalzell, was named after a more famous member of the family John Brown, the covenantor.

Its interesting to note that the family spelt the name Dalzeil when at Sorn and Muirkirk, but when in Lesmahagow, it was changed to Dalzell

I would be pleased to pass any family genealogy onto any interesting parties. My Great Grandfather Andrew McLean married Isabella Dalzell at Lesmahagow.

I'm currently compiling a History of the 5th and 16th Lancers.

I believe, some years ago, when visiting Muirkirk Kirk, that I saw a memorial to a former Officer of the 5th or 16th Lancer on an outside wall of the Church. Would it be possible for your to let me have the man's details, as I wish to include them in the history.

Many thanks for taking time to read this. Carry on the good work.

Best Wishes

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Gavin Dalzell was born in Glenbuck ,Ayrshire and around 1835 moved to Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire. Here he set up a business, in Cloth and Tea. Having a Shop in Abbey Green, the centre of Lesmahagow. He was'nt content to sit and wait for his customers. He went out to the outlying Farms and villages with his Goods. He ran a credit business to those customers, which, when he died in 1863,proved very expensive to his family.

His son James Dalzell, became a Missionary of some note, in Natal, South Africa. between 1870 and 1901.

Another son John Brown Dalzell, who went into partnership with my Great Grandfather Andrew McLean (1825-1892) as Coal and Lime Masters, takes his name from John Brown "The Christian Carrier", from whose line was descended. John Brown was a Covenantor, shot by Claverhouse, 1st May 1683.

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